When we took an all girls trip to Goa!

Heaven knows I have waited long to write this post. Planning for Goa is in itself a great deal and for that to be an only girls trip, ahh is this for real?


Best friends come in 3s! Who else agrees?

We have literally been planning this forever! When we were in college, everyone seemed to check off Goa their bucket list and we would be like – that’s so gonna happen for us but it never really did. So, now when I and my girlfriends got together after one year, we knew we had to take this trip but it wasn’t that easy. Believe it or not, I booked tickets just 40 minutes before we had to board, no kidding. To people, who are planning for Goa, let me share with you a secret – You don’t plan for Goa, Goa happens to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

So we left on a glorious overnight Volvo ride to Goa but since it was last minute, we could only get the last sleeper seats on top and man, we would repeat that mistake ever again! It killed us, by the time we reached Goa, we were tired and had our backs on fire. Well, after we got down, we took a cab from Panjim to Calangute where the plan was to look for a reasonable guest house because we didn’t wanna spend much on our stay as we would anyways be spending all our times on beach morning to night. Thankfully, our cab driver was a nice man so he took us straight to the hotel he knew was safe for girls but if you are planning ahead of time, don’t ever do that. Instead, look for air bnbs because they really are better option.

Anyway, after we freshened up, we headed straight to Calangute beach. It is beautiful, clean and a perfect place to chill if you are looking for something neither too high nor too low key! Budget wise, food wise and crowd wise.


After soaking in the sun for a while, we went ahead for water sports. We did parasailing, jet skiing, took tonnes of rides together.



Had glorious lunch bg the beach, I ordered a veg Alfredo Pasta which was out of ordinary delicious and I didn’t expect that at all because Goa is known for seafood so I was bit sceptical about vegetarian options but Calangute had plenty.IMG_20170223_133522

After those water sports, we were exhausted so we planned to relax for rest of the evening which was perfect as one of my friends from college suggested this place known as ‘Chapora fort’ which is an old fort known for its setting on a beachfront and the background of the sunset and it was glorious! Thank you Kavs for suggesting this place, it made this trip, a completely something else for me personally โ™ฅ

After experiencing the gorgeous sunset at ‘Chapora fort’, we headed out for dinner and called it a day because we were dead tired and probably dozed off while talking to each other on theย bed!

Day 2 was all about ‘Scuba diving’. Yes, you heard that right! The three of us had this on our bucket lists from long and it was finally time we did it. Since all three of us were doing it for the first time, we took something called as DSD which is short for discover scuba diving. We were obviously scared at first but I am so proud that in spite of when 10 out of the 15 people who went with us backed out after getting into the water, we did it. How awesome is that? And I am terrified of water trust me! But once I decided I am going to be calm, everything went smooth. More importantly, my trainer was an awesome guy, he made it probably 80% easier for me. We were trained on our way to Grande island which was 16 kilometres away from Calangute by water.



Scuba diving is an experience in itself and there is a whole new world underwater. It’s beautiful! The first time is usually not your best dive for obvious reasons but I am definitely more confident and would love to do it again.


Our underwater pictures didn’t come out to be great but there is always a next time ain’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

We were provided lunch on our way back from scuba diving and the company we chose was just the best. The price was reasonable, very hospitable and they made sure we had a great 1st scuba diving experience. The rest of the evening was spent shopping by the beach side and relaxing at Baga beach listening to our favourite music, lying on the sand and getting our hair braided in different colours. It was a memorable night.

Day 3 started at 6 am! I and the girls went to the beach to get some early morning walking done but all we did was take pictures of each other. Guess that’s an unavoidable part of a girls trip ๐Ÿ˜‰ I tried doing some yoga early morning but failed miserably because the sand wouldn’t let me even stand let alone balance but I had a great time watching the sky meet the sea. Have you ever been to the beach early morning? It’s magical. You can hardly see anyone and the great lengths of the shore, the breeze and the sound of the waves – They all just add up โ™ฅ



We headed out for breakfast later and found this amazing cafe just by the side of our hotel which served an English and Indian breakfast so we mixed it up and ended up having Poha, poached egg, tea, and orange juice. I know right! We were full.


Rest of the day was spent roaming around Panjim as it was from there we had our buses back to Bangalore. We visited Donna Paula, Basilica of Bomb Jesus church, Miramar beach and everything. The city was so beautifully decorated because we were just in time for the yearly Viva Carnival.

We boarded our bus at around 7 pm with our hearts filled in with memories and our souls with much-needed break! Travelling as a group of girls isn’t that tricky if you stay aware and alert, prioritise safety and keep your backup options handy. I would definitely love to take such trips more often now that we know the things to plan ahead of time, what not to do and what are the things to do. There is something about travelling with your girlfriends – They empower you, trusts you, know your weirdest selves and still love you! I am lucky that I have got such cool girls by my side ๐Ÿ™‚

23 – 25 Feb – Dated forever!

Have you taken aย trip with your friends or girlfriends? How was your experience?

5 thoughts on “When we took an all girls trip to Goa!

  1. It looks like this trip met all your expectations. The ocean has a way of doing that for us – mind, body and soul. I love to do all the water activity sports you did there, so much fun, especially with special girlfriends. I’m glad you took the time to write about it so you will remember the details and your photos are great.
    Thanks for sharing! Congrats

    Liked by 1 person

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