This part of my life right here is called – Learning!

I think the last time I posted here was million years ago 😀 I have had a lot going on past few months and I gave more importance to keep up with my PCOS blog in whatever time I got. However, it’s good to be back here, as I like to call it, my safe space, where I can talk about ANYTHING, you know! Just leave the words out there, in the void and let my creativity flow.

Life hasn’t exactly been the way I would want but that’s the thing about it, it almost never turns out the way you would expect and may be for good. As inherently a positive person as I am, I took not getting into residency in the first attempt pretty well even though I had my share of trouble to 100% accept it. I gave it my best, I trusted my instincts but obviously, there were places I lagged behind which I now know are the areas I need to work on. I would have gotten something, a branch of medicine I didn’t care for but this was never about ‘just taking something for the heck of it’. I will be doing this for the rest of my life and if I chose something that didn’t get me out of my bed in the morning then I couldn’t live with it. I know there are all kinds of amazing doctors who would be flexible about it but that’s not me and I guess it’s okay too. I am a kind who could settle working with just an MBBS degree than to do something that doesn’t excite me.

So, that’s what I did. I took a break, again, for the second time. Yeah, you heard me right! Because who cares! At the end, the only thing that matters is what you do and how passionately you do it. I am okay working on my weaknesses until I am truly ready to be where I am destined to be.

So to update –


I moved.

I got a job as a junior resident, in emergency medicine. Yeah, well there will be a whole post about it.

I joined the regular course at DAMS (a coaching programme for PG aspirants in India), yes, again because that’s the Institute I trust with all my heart.

I worked my ass off, literally, I would do a 13-hour class and go to the hospital, do a night shift and would go to class again the next day. More of a mental exhaustion than physical.

I quit my Job last month because well, priorities change. Now it’s not just about sustaining myself, I have enough money saved up for next few months, given the NEET is just 4 months away and also my parents are generous. 😉



Did I tell you I attended ‘Family medicine conference’ with one of my professors and it was one of the coolest experience ever!




Emergency medicine extravaganza! Together everywhere –  From Med school to coaching to work, she is my rock!



I have definitely made some changes in my ways (which I will be sharing soon) but basic formula remains same – Read, write, revise. I cannot skip writing so that’s taking a lot of my time but I will get there. I wrote mid year exam and did much better than the last NEET which was definitely a good boost up but I sure know where I stand and where I need to work on.



I have been a very good girl in that area. I try to work out most of the days and I have been doing a personal project where I wanna run for like 100 days this year ( not ambitious) but hey, it’s my personal project 😛 so I go for running any given day I am up early morning. I have been eating well, mostly what I cook myself, I have transitioned into including a lot of green salads in my meal and I am also trying to transition into a low carb diet (for my PCOS). So far so good.


It’s a very old picture, look at those posters though 😀



Which does not include this blog, I am of social medias for a while now. I am terrifyingly addicted to Instagram so I have uninstalled all of the apps from my phone, just until exam gets over to keep my distractions minimal. Although I miss IG. 😦



My PCOS blog work is on point. I am not like stinkingly involved in writing articles but I do try to post as often as I can. Every once in a while. September is approaching and it will soon be 2 years since I started FIGHT PCOS INITIATIVE, I am just glad I have been able to stick to it despite all that has been going on. I am also trying to pre schedule all the posts and articles for upcoming PCOS awareness month and the months following that so I don’t have to worry about being regular till exam gets over.


So that is my update (in the as concise way as possible). I feel like this blog is my ‘dear diary’ where I can just come and write whenever I am ‘in the zone’. I don’t even know if somebody is reading this or not but if you are – Thank you for being so kind. Sharing and learning from each other’s journey only enriches us for better!

Adiòs ♥







2 thoughts on “This part of my life right here is called – Learning!

  1. “Life hasn’t exactly been the way I would want but that’s the thing about it, it almost never turns out the way you would expect and may be for good.” <—-what I am going through right now 🙂 Great update!

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