Let’s not give it a name, shall we?


In the midst of chaos, I found a smile, a smile that withered all my pain away and those lines between my eyes.

A smile that makes this journey of life a little better and makes its way to the corner of my lips in the moments of unwavering tiredness.

Sharing the lyrics of our favorite song and reading in between the lines. The music in the heart of the night and the stars sharing the same sky.

The morning dew of memories of the good times. The unending conversations in what seems to be a very little time called ‘life’.

It’s not someone I want to love or build a life with, not necessarily. It’s not even someone who is compatible to my choices for life. It’s not ‘love’ but it is special. It can be someone I wouldn’t mind taking a long walk with, someone I share my thoughts and inspiration with, someone who understands the movies I like or someone with the same taste for books and music. It can be anyone but a life partner.

Maybe a friend, a listener, a support.

Maybe a fellow passenger, a smile, a voice.

It doesn’t have to be love or friendship or any name. There are so many wonderful and beautiful emotions that lie in the tonnes of gray zones between black and white. I am grateful for being capable of understanding that and I am okay with not naming it, are you?

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