E01 – We met at an Airport!

Disclaimer – I am starting a series here on the blog sharing stories drawing from my own experiences, imaginations, and dreams. I like to think of this blog as my creative space where I bring forth the scatteredness of my mind, the chaos of my heart and the various roles I play in life in one place of solidarity. This is the first story from the lot and a story very close to my heart. Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy these bits and pieces I share!

It was a beautiful August morning, the weather was pleasant but slightly wuthering. I got down as my plane landed back to the ground and a waft of fresh breeze brushed across my hair. I stood there embracing the feel when I suddenly realized people behind me were getting jittery to get down too.

As I was walking towards the gate at the airport, contemplating whether I will book a cab or take a bus, I screened through an awfully familiar face. I turned towards my left to see and there ‘he was‘, trying to get his way out from talking to two of his friends, in hurry to walk towards me. There was a lot of crowd between us and I stood there in silence, unbelief and surprised. A guy I last saw at least 10 years back, in high school, a guy who is my best friend because we never lost touch even after my father got transferred from the place we went to high school together, a guy I had fallen in love with over the years, was finally standing in front of me in this olive green shirt and jeans with a hue of grey. I remember thinking to myself – ‘man, he has grown tall’, he took something out from behind his hands, smiling, a picture of me from back in high school, on one of those signboards that said – ‘here for the Miss. Dr.to be’. I burst into laughter as always and we awkwardly shook hands. We were used to only being friends, making fun, pulling jokes on one another but this was different, this was heartfelt, significant and so real. For the first time, we weren’t meeting as friends, we both knew we were more than that, far more than that. It was the best surprise ever!

That was how we met, at an airport, on a beautiful August morning, the weather was pleasant but slightly wuthering.

And every single time I think about it, the same song plays in my head over and over again, even years later –

“Day we met, frozen I held my breath, right from the start, I knew that I found a home for my heart beats fast, colors and promises” 🎵🎼



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