So much has changed since then…

I am sitting on my couch after having an amazing spa day, sipping my favorite cup of tea on one of those chilly November evenings as I write this. The winter has started here but it’s still pleasant and I can see the moon coming up in the sky from my window. Life was so different when I last posted here, I was a struggling PG aspirant who desperately wanted to get into the residency and have MD written after her name. The two years of struggling seemed like a lifetime, I didn’t have much to share because most of my days were pretty much same – Study, eat, sleep and repeat. I didn’t meet people, I voluntarily stayed alone, on good days and bad, lived in my own little apartment, cooked my own dinner and waited patiently, for that phase to pass, keeping in mind that:


Fast forward to 2018, life is good. I got into MD Pathology, which was one of my options but wasn’t exactly my first choice. I always liked it as a subject though, for two main reasons –

a) It is a very specific science. There is no shooting in the blind with Pathology, you know exactly and specifically, which is extremely satisfying in my opinion. Also, I love to see under the microscope exactly what I know and what I have been taught.

b) Pathology is extremely challenging academically. There is no one particular organ or system that you deal with. It’s diverse, one day you are dissecting uterus and another day, you are looking at a brain tissue under the microscope. You need to have a thorough knowledge of every single disease known to mankind, in order for you to diagnose them which to me personally, is extremely stimulating.

So, when I was allotted MD Pathology at one of the well-known institutes in the city, after a rigorous counseling process (as we have it here in India), clicking a ‘yes’ was an obvious choice. Although letting go of my Littman (Stethoscope) wasn’t easy, it took me a good 3 – 4 months to come in terms with it and that’s life, you don’t always get what you want but you always get what you need. Looking back, it does seem like a right decision for me personally, great work-life balance, research-oriented, academically challenging field of medicine with good future prospects to travel and be flexible with job and timings, so far so good.


Also, even though there is an increase in the overall rate but Pathology is quite down in the list of burn out rate and specialties so that works for someone like me, a total type A personality šŸ˜‰

Apart from moving forward in the career, this year also brought changes in my personal life, I recently got engaged to my best friend. We studied together, grew up in the same place and both of our dads worked in the same company. From being frenemies back in school to being best of friends. Embarking on this beautiful journey together feels absolutely surreal and I am extremely grateful.


With regards to my health, I try to be consistent with an active lifestyle on most days and eat well 80% of the times. It does get hard some days and some days I am breezy but I don’t let it get to me like it used to. I try not to be hard on myself and knowing that I am trying my 100% is enough for now. Healing is important but doing it your way is even more, especially when it comes to PCOS ( šŸ’—

I made some new friends, met a lot of new people, found a new place. Like I said, so much has changed since then.

I wish for life to keep surprising me with these humbling experiences, I hope to keep growing and not remain stagnant, through my struggles and good times!

How are things going for you folks?



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