Welcome to wandering through love, life and medicine! You would like being here if you:

1) Consider yourself a wanderer.

2) Writing to discover oneself in the process, I know I am.

3) Know the perks of being in the medical profession.

4) Or just someone who appreciates connecting to people from around the world (because I sure do).


Hi, I am Supriya and thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate you taking a moment to get to know me.👇

I started this blog mainly to document my journey of being a 20 something doctor-to-be in India. But ultimately it’s a personal blog so you can expect a lot of random posts here including med school posts, study, food, travel posts, life as I see it posts, my favorite day posts and some non-favorite ones too.

I started another blog before this one and that’s all about PCOS awareness in India. You can check it out here. I feel deeply about creating PCOS awareness and as someone dealing with it on a day-to-day basis, this cause is very personal to me. I share more about it on my PCOS blog page so you can read my PCOS story there.

I am a strong advocator of preventive medicine, a neat freak and love to stay organized.


Things I love the most about blogging is:

  • Having a platform to share and the freedom to express in an open space.
  • Hearing from you!! Yes, your words brighten up my day so if you are reading this, make sure to say hi.
  • Meeting new friends, learning, inspiring one another and I personally believe sharing enriches us all to be a better human being. 🙂

I would love for you to join me along on this journey!


That’s me – after finishing my Surgery rotation last year (2015).

Here’s my backstory!

I was born to Avinash & Honey, my parents, in an upper-middle-class family from the central part of India. My father is a physician (MD) serving central govt for more than 30 years now & my mother is a homemaker, a former professional Kathak dancer. I like to believe I have inherited all of their good genes.😋 I have a younger brother and he has joined med school last summer.


Baby me!

I am incredibly lucky to have born into such a loving & supportive family because things hadn’t been as easy as they seem to be. We have had our share of struggle but we have come out stronger. I have a huge influence of my grandparents on me (both maternal & paternal) as they were an integral part of my upbringing. I remember a wonderful childhood where I could afford a kitchen set in my backyard & had a bike of my own.


This is from the beach last year! That’s us!

It was kind of given that I wanted to be a doctor, I loved how my father was super passionate about his job and I saw him studying pretty much throughout my childhood. I wouldn’t say I was my best at school because I always knew I had better potential, however, I did just fine. I was the head girl in school for the academic year 2007-08 and I have always been active in extracurriculars throughout my academic career. I wish to continue my formal vocal training in classical music. I worked as a radio jockey for a while after school and it was the coolest experience ever!

Med school was a roller coaster ride and I will share more in my coming posts.I enjoyed every bit of my experience there, learning things I am passionate about. 🤗


With dad, at our first conference together as health professionals!

I am fortunate to have a huge circle of friends, from school, college & from places I have lived (because of my father’s govt job, we moved a lot). My friends are awesome and I love all of them 🙂

I wish to travel and explore the world. Even though becoming a doctor is the best thing that happened to me, I have always felt missing out on whole traveling experience, meeting new people, my time with family and friends and to a certain extent, my health so those things are on my priority list now!! I love cooking & I experiment with my food all the time preferably with healthy alternatives (Take a bow PCOS, you changed a foodie in me) 😜


My current favourite morning smoothie!💜

I love a lot of things in the world, few of which are:

  • Medicine💊💉
  • Yoga: I am secretly a yogi at heart ♥
  • Coldplay: I am also (as I like to say), a cold-player!🎵
  • I ♥ F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Who doesn’t?🤔 Yes, the show! And house and Sherlock 😀
  • Tea ☕
  • Dogs 🐕
  • Fairy lights🎆
  • Rom-com 🏖
  • Potatoooooooo🍟
  • Mango🍋
  • Cheese🧀
  • Whiteboards
  • Ellen DeGeneres👻
  • Writing📝
  • Essential oils 🛀
  • Gift cards 😜 Again who doesn’t?🎁

The List can go on!

This isn’t all that is there about me, not even a gist. I believe I am a work in progress and each day is aimed at becoming better from before. I am certainly not perfect but that’s not my goal either, what matters the most to me is to keep growing, keep learning and staying true to myself whilst in the process!!

Edit – Fast forward to 2018 (November) – I am currently pursuing my MD in Pathology and I am getting married in two short months. Life is good.

I’d love to be friends, please feel free to contact me at supriyatiwariamc@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Stay tuned 🙂

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      • Thank you, that’s sweet 🙂 I’ve copied some of the facial hair recipes to try. Old age and all that 😦 When I was working we had Indian drs doing their psych training on placement here. We had 2 we called R1 and R2 – they were such fun to work with. Also taught me a lot about skin care – have used turmeric on and off since. Just had to trust that it wouldn’t permanently turn me yellow first – it didn’t of course !

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  1. Love, love❤️ your about page. It’s lovely to see a young woman so accomplished, full of ambition and love for others. And you have such a beautiful family. So happy for you and interest in writing your journey, so wished I had done the same years ago.
    All the best –

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