To become a doctor was my forever dream and now it’s the only identity I find myself relating with. So, on my journey and the process of becoming better with each passing day as a doctor, a writer, and a person, here’s a collection of all my med school post,study post, patient experience post and all things related to medicine!









  • My favorite medical tools:
    • Harrison Textbook of Medicine: It’s called Bible of medicine for a reason and I absolutely love this book. If you are even a little bit interested in diagnostics, you would looooove it too. ♥
    • John Hokins Podcast: I love listening to these on my breaks during studying, super informative.
    • Maxwell Quick medical reference handbook: From normal lab values to how to write patient notes, this is your go-to book for everything. Best thing about this handbook is it fits perfectly on white coat.😍
    • Sketchy medicals: the Most useful tool to learn microbiology and pharmacology. (Free as well as paid) find here.


I will keep adding and updating as I discover myself more and better. Stay tuned.♥