When I took my post graduate entrance exam!

One year ago, when I graduated med school I had roughly two options in front of me (as an Indian medical graduate) - Either start working in a hospital setup or prepare for a post-graduate entrance exam to get into the residency of your choice! There's a third option as well when you can choose to … Continue reading When I took my post graduate entrance exam!

My 26th birthday!

Many of you know I am appearing for an important exam this December so I haven't been able to post here in a long time (I miss blogging). Yesterday, however, I celebrated my 26th birthday so I decided to write a small post just in case if I wanna look back to a 26-year-old me! … Continue reading My 26th birthday!

My experience with DVT – The largest class of doctors in India!

DVT - Dams Visual Treat is an annual session conducted by DAMS (Delhi academy of medical science) in India. The session continues for three days, 10-12 hours each day and is a final boost for those appearing for PG entrance exam in India. I attended it this time and honestly, I had the experience of … Continue reading My experience with DVT – The largest class of doctors in India!

Importance of maintaining a pain diary in Breast Pain

This is such a great post and super informative!

Random Reflections of a Breast Cancer Surgeon

Breast pain (or mastalgia) is common problem faced by women at least once during their lifetime. It can range from mild pain to a chronic debilitating condition, which can even push a patient to the verge of depression. In fact, in the last one month, I have encountered two such patients, who have stopped socializing because of excruciating breast pain.

Mastalgia has varied causes and it can broadly be divided into cyclical & non cyclical causes. Cyclical mastalgia (breast pain) usually occurs because of hormonal fluctuations and the intensity of pain varies according to the menstrual cycle. On the other hand non-cyclical mastalgia usually occurs because of musculo-skeletal causes and the pain persists all throughout the month.

For the correct diagnosis and management of breast pain, it is important for the doctor to know certain points regarding the pain like:

  1. duration of pain
  2. location – restricted to one point or…

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