I started PCOS awareness blog on 07th November 2015, even before starting this personal blog so if you are struggling with PCOS or know someone who is, I am sure you will find some useful and informative stuff here.

Here’s the link to the blog – FIGHT PCOS INITIATIVE.

I have been living with PCOS since 2009 and this cause is very personal to me. I deeply feel the need to create more awareness regarding the same especially in India where women’s health and wellness is something that is still not taken seriously among many. So when I graduated med school and had a couple of months to myself, I decided to start this blog and do my bit in the process. As someone dealing with PCOS, experiencing health care system first hand, keeping in mind our culture, the kind of lifestyle we rely on, there are many things particular to an Indian woman so learning about PCOS overtime, I knew this is something I could do from my end.

I have written an elaborate post on my personal struggle with PCOS here. I hope you enjoy the content and find something beneficial. Let me know what you think!!

Here are some of the frequently asked queries in PCOS –